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Apply for Pension Credit

This is a new service – help us improve it by sending your feedback (opens in a new tab).

Information you will need to apply online

You will need certain information about yourself and your partner (if you live with one) while you make your application.

If you do not enter anything for more than 30 minutes, your application will time out and you will have to start again. This is to keep your details secure. You cannot save your application and come back later.

This service is for new Pension Credit applications only. If you are already getting Pension Credit you should call us to tell us about a change of circumstances.

Do you have the right information to make an online application for Pension Credit?

You will need (for you and your partner, if you live with one):

  • National Insurance number
  • details of income and pensions
  • details of money, savings and investments, usually for the last 3 months